What is coaching?

Coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. It is an interactive process that helps individuals and organizations improve performance and achieve extraordinary results.

Coaching is a unique method that focuses on achieving results through a programme that has been developed based on the personal and professional needs of each client.

The coaching process can be utilized for specific projects whether they are professional, corporate, personal relationships or moments of change in a person’s life.  It is the perfect tool to reach objectives, recover your self-confidence and reach a profound feeling of well-being.

*Viktorija works with the principle of Capital Coaching, the Coach with a capital C, who can coach on subconscious patterns, programmes and systemic principles, regardless of the substantive questions. This type of coaching aims at helping you to continue, without a coach.

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In person or online coaching available in English and Balkan languages (Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian).

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Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Executive Coaching provides a uniquely challenging and supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organisations by improving performance through developing self-awareness, confidence and focus.

Whether you are looking to reach a specific goal, or you would like to become a more effective leader, executive coaching & leadership development will help you in your professional and personal growth.

Our methodology integrates the latest discoveries in neuroscience. Applied appropriately, it allows leaders to set their businesses into motion, to mobilize their employees to produce extraordinary performances and to increase their financial results.

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!

Personal Coaching & Development

Personal coaching empowers individuals to overcome any type of limiting barriers within themselves, to break out when they feel stuck and to improve health issues through better communication with their unconscious mind.

Coaching is a positive acknowledgment that you want to achieve more from yourself and your life. A Coach acts as an agent of change to help you mobilize your resources and clear the effects of your past to move you into a productive, even creative, phase of life and personal development.

We will work together, identifying the present and moving towards the future, to obtain effective and tangible results. This process gives a clear vision of objectives and modifies the experiences in a positive way, which facilitates the development of your full potential to become the best version of yourself.

Coaching unlocks your potential, dispels feelings of negativity, discontentment and insecurity, and enables you to

Enjoy your life

Discover your authentic self

Achieve things that matter to you

Make decisions and choices with ease

Understand and express your emotions effectively

Overcome negative thinking

Become a stronger and more confident person

Move through times of challenge swiftly

Learn and grow from your experiences

Feel happier and more contented

High Performance Team Coaching

High Performance Team Coaching is a unique approach to developing teams, which consistently delivers breakthrough results. It has helped team and project managers throughout the world to apply specific values-based tools to enhance innovation and strategic thinking. Through accessing the structure and principles within the team dynamic, this type of coaching helps teams to achieve clear, consistent, and measurable outcomes. Shifting team members from competitiveness to mutual trust and respect is paramount to successful completion of business goals.

You will be surprised at the difference this investment can make to your team’s efficiency, relationship, and performance!

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!